The best way to get notified when your members boost your server
Get notified when someone boosts your server with flawless customization powered by Discord embeds, and reward them with custom roles
Why Boost Notifications?
🕑 Uptime
We will work hard to ensure that our bot is always ready to send notifications when someone boosts your server. You can find our status page here.
✨ Customization
You can customize the image of the embed and DM messages sent to booster to fit your server's style.
🌍 Multi Language
You can change the language of the bot's reponses, command names and descriptions to ensure that your server members can use the bot in their own language. If you're missing a language, you can apply as a translator on our support server.
🛠️ Easy Management
You can manage which roles will be given to the booster and which channel will the notifications be sent to with just one command.
🚀 Boost Simulation
You can simulate a boost to test if the bot is working correctly and to see how your notification configuration will look like.
📞 Fast Support
We have a dedicated support server where you can ask for help and we will respond as soon as possible. To report bugs or suggest new features use our feedback app.